ADAU1451 RMS Таблица INDEX_1 вопрос

ADAU1451 RMS Table Index_1 issue

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Dear Sir,


Our customer found an issue on ADAU1451 SigmaDSP, the RMS table seem have problem.


When RMS Table choose index 1 (means -90dB), the output of RMS table is wrong and change repeated.

For example, please see attached .dspproj file, RMS table should output 5.96E-08 on format 8.24 (i.e. 0x00000001 on binary) when input = -90dB.

But as attached video show, it output wrong value (ex. 0xE4F4A25A on binary).



Note every other index (2~33) are all correct.

Sometimes after boot up , index 1 is correct. But wait a while, index 1 have problem again.



Could you confirm if it is a bug. If yes, how could our customer workaround it?


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4 Years

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your response and your attached re-worked project.

Best regards,


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    At first I could not get your project to load onto my ADAU1452 eval board (it gave Comm Failure errors, as if the USBi wasn't working),  The project loaded fine after re-drawing it from scratch.  In my case the RMS table works properly at any index, without the random numbers you were experiencing: