SigmaDSP с AEC функции

SigmaDSP with AEC function

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Dear Sir,

      We are going to implement echo cancellation function in ADAU1761 , It will be used for karaoke and education system.

      We finds the NLMS module in sigma studio and also test it by real condition , but the test result is not good. We got some volume & Quality distortion when I use the NLMS module.

As I know , some 3rd party also design algorithm for SigmaDSP,  Could you help to introduce the 3rd party who design the AEC algorithm to us?

or , Could you give me some advise for NLMS module usage?

guest replied
3 Years

Dear Sir,

   Attached is my project file and record file for AEC function base on ADAU1761.

   You still can find the echo and another noise in the record file.

  Could you help to give some advise?