ADAU1772 / 1777 Mixer

ADAU1772/1777 Mixer

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Hi. I have a few question regarding the headset codecs with DSP and amplifier. I have no experience with SigmaDSP.

1) Can I take PCM or I2C audio directy from a WT32i bluetooth module? (The codec has to work as a I2C master.)

2) Can I run the bluetooth signal through a equalizer, and a audio line-in signal from ADC through a separate equalizer, then mix the signals 50/50 before sending them to volume control and the DAC?

3) Can I control a peaking filter (High-Q) filter frequenzy via I2C? 

Best Regards Kristian

guest replied
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Hi Kristian,

1) You can certainly do that. The ADAU1772/77 can be used as either the master or the slave on an I2S bus.

2) You can also do that! The Signal Routing" tab in the hardware configuration of the ADAU1772/77 allows you to assign input channels to come from either serial inputs or ADC inputs. Then, you can use the schematic to tweak and mix the signals.

3) This is possible, but a little more advanced. All of the filter coefficients used by the ADAU1772/77 are calculated offline (i.e., by SigmaStudio), then loaded into the chip's parameter memory. The chip itself is not capable of calculating its own filter coefficients. What this means is that you would need to have a microcontroller that is capable of calculating the filter coefficients (or has an array of precalculated filter coefficients for different frequencies/gains). Then, you could write the selected parameters over I2C to the ADAU1772/77. If you only need two different sets of filter parameters, our part does have two different "banks" of parameters, which you can switch on-the-fly, without needing a microcontroller. But, for more options, you would need a controller.