Вы можете задать GPIO булавки для последовательных АЦП / ЦАП и тактовых линий для AD193x кодека?

Can you specify GPIO pins for the serial ADC/DAC and clock lines for the AD193x codec?

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I am working on getting an AD1939 audio codec to interface directly with the Linux side of a Terasic DE10 Nano.  I have enabled several GPIO pins to use for the I2S interface, but I am unsure of how to specify the pins to the codec.  The overall goal is to make the AD1939 available for other programs to use as an audio device from Linux.  

My experience with writing drivers is admittedly limited, but I've looked over the codec code for the AD1939 (ad193x.c) as well as other similar devices and I am unsure how to proceed.  I am having trouble deciding whether to attempt to edit the codec itself or look for a device tree solution similar to what has been done with the RaspberryPi from a different post on the forum.  

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.