SSM3515, SSM3582 же функция цифрового?

SSM3515 , SSM3582 same digital function ?

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Hi all,

Our customer are evaluating the both parts, SSM3515,SSM3582.
Following, about "FSYNC_MODE" TDM mode description / function, we are confused.

Part , Register , Register address , FSYNC_MODE
SSM3582 , SAI_CTRL1 , 0x09 , bit 2
SSM3515 ,  SAI_CTRL1 , 0x04 , bit 2

1) SSM3582 FSYNC_MODE bit
 0: Stereo: Low FSYNC Is Left Channel; TDM: Frame Strat on Falling Edge
 1: Stereo: High FSYNC is Left Channel; TDM; Frame Start on Rising Edge

2) SSM3515 FSYNC_MODE bit
 0: Low FSYNC is Left Channel in Stereo Modes or Pulsed FSYNC Mode in TDM Modes.
 1: High FSYNC is Left CHANNEL in Stereo Modes or 50% FSYNC Mode in TDM Modes

In the TDM mode,is the function of FSYNC Edge different from SSM3515 and SSM3582 ?

In the TDM mode, can SSM3515 not change the Frame Start Edge ?

What is "50% FSYNC Mode" and "Pulsed FSYNC Mode" @ SSM3515 ?

Is it incorrect to recognize the digital logic configuration (register function) of SSM3515 and SSM3582 as the same function? ,it is different function of two parts ?
For example, a digital audio serial interface, etc.

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Can you comment regarding this matter or from anyone?