Уровень входного сигнала Max для SSM2166

Max input level for SSM2166

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Hi, I’m building a bass guitar amplifier and I would like to use a SSM2166 as a limiter just before the class D power amplifier to avoid deep saturation of this stage.

I’m planning to use a unity gain for the buffer, and a rotation point of 300mVrms.

The question is: what happens if the input signal level peaks over 1Vrms? Just clipping of the buffer and/or the VCA or is it a risk to damage the IC?

In the SSM2166 datasheet, AD says that the max Audio Input Voltage shall not exceed the Supply Voltage, but this is not very clear to me: should I use a diode limiter to protect the limiter input?


Another question: I’m planning to use the level detector voltage (pin 8) to drive a VU meter, via a high impedance buffer; I’m wondering if the level detector is a true RMS or simply a peak detector and which is the relationship between the voltage at pin 8 and input signal level.