AD1939 I2S количество каналов

AD1939 I2S number of channels

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Accordingly to the AD1939 datasheet the default mode for this device is I2S.

In this case, should we consider that only two channels of the device are used ? Only one Left and one Right ADC and only one Left and one Right DAC ?

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There is a dedicated data pin for each stereo pair of DAC's.  So the LRCK and BCLK would be applied, and the data would be applied at the data pin corresponding to the desired pair of DAC's. 

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HI There,

Thank you for your answer.

The I2S format support only two channels. The AD1939 has 8 channels. What happens with the rest of 6 channels in case of using I2S format ?


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The AD1939 is SPI programmable, and registers can be adjusted to support right/left-justified or TDM formats, as well as I2S for the ADCs and DACs.  In standalone mode only I2S is supported.