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ADAU1701 i2s slave input issue

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I have finished a PCB application of ADAU1701 which is AUXin & a i2s in / 2 i2s output  to a DAC .  12.288MHz mclk feed in to 1701 MCLKI  and DAC  MCLK in.   a WIFI i2s master ( BCLK,LRCK,DATA)to 1701 i2s input. 1701 BCLK/LRCK output  , not connected to  input BCLK/LRCK. , now. my issue  are 2.

1. when wifi i2s non-active( BLCK/LRCK/DATA all high ) , AUXin mode works (  2 i2s output  and DAC has output). but when wifi  i2s to 1701 is active ( 44.1k Fs/ BCLK/ has DATA), 1701   I2S DATA0/ DATA1  then OFF, if just turn wifi i2s to 1701 again , the i2s out from 1701  active again.  that's strange .

2.  For 1701 i2s slave ,   the BCLK/LRCK/DATA input of i2s , can be any configration, like 44.1/48/96KHz Fs, and the rate can be 128*Fs/256Fs....  how to let slave BCLK/LRCK/DATA, sync to MCLK of 1701 ?

if anybody have some comments , much thanks.