Обработка данных AD1852 16bit

AD1852 16bit data handling

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How is 16bit data handled in the 8 x interpolator and delta-sigma modulator?

Is it handled as left shifted 24bit data (8 more LSB zero bits) or only as 16 bit data and truncated to 16bits after digital filters?

Is there any test data available for 16bit data?

The datasheet shows 20bit specs and no bit depth mentioned for figures 8-13.

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Hi Plazma,

When you are driving the AD1852 with a 16-bit datastream, you have two options for proper operation:

1) In both I2S and Left-justified modes, you drive the serial port normally with your 16-bit data after setting the correct format.

2) In Right-Justified mode, you must specify the format and you must also set the word length any of 24, 20 and 16 bit.

In the case of both 20 and 16 bit modes, LSB zeros are added to the word to bring the length up to 24 this is the first scenario that you describe. We do not have any 16-bit data for the AD1852.

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