Технический паспорт на EVAL-SSM2537Z

Datasheet of EVAL-SSM2537Z

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Do you have a datasheet or application note, any document for your EVAL-SSM2537Z?

I will just buy this SSM2537 and evaluation, study....

I can confirm EVAL-SSM2537Z page-16 on your datasheet SSM2537' rev.0.

Thanks, Kaos.

guest replied
6 Years

Hi Kaos-

I checked with the applications engineer for this part and he provided me with the attached documentation that should be of use to you.  The base user guide for the EVAL-SSM2537Z is identical to the one for the SSM2517 that I have attached.  I have also attached a Quick Start Guide for this board in addition to a commented schematic. 



EngineerZone Support Community Manager

guest replied
6 Years

Thank you AndyR