Можно ли изменить скомпилированный код для ADAU1446

Is it possible to modify compiled code for an ADAU1446

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Is it possible to decompose components of compiled hex code for an adau1446, modify the code [say, to load new coefficients for a predetermined FIR filter], and then reupload modified code the attached E2PROM?

As the Adau144x data sheets do not give any useful information about how the memory and program structure is laid out, I wanted to know if anyone else has come across a solution. Using sigma studio in this [hypothetical] instance is not an option, and there will be no need to 'live' program the device.

I have already contacted ADI customer support asking for any kind of details, but they simply pointed me here and gave no real answer.

Many Thanks

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Hello Simon,

SigmaStudio is a development tool and a tool for creating the DSP programs. A customer can design or program any interface they desire to control the program running in the DSP just like SigmaStudio does. You do not need front panel controls if the application does no allow for it. All they would need is a MCU to control the DSP and take information from whatever interface that the MCU uses to talk to the outside world.

You only need SigmaStudio for development, you do not need it for normal operation. So I fail to see why it is inappropriate"?

Dave T

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Thank you very much for your time Dave.

I now appreciate that the main ADI customer support is not really for answering technical questions.

The reason I asked this question was mainly because Sigma Studio is not an appropriate tool for our end customers. As such, for a product that has no 'front panel' interface, I was looking for another solution to giving our potential customers some control over the product, without Sigma Studio. 

The Sigma Studio tool is fantastic.

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No, you cannot change the EEPROM contents. The EEPROM has a checksum that the compiler must calculate.

SigmaStudio is setup to do this. to load the program then change the filter coefficients and recompile. This is easy. It seems to me to be more difficult to go through the hex codes to find the filter parameters and update them without making errors. Then load the file into the EEPROM. So use the tools that we setup to make it easy for you.

The main ADI Customer support is there to handle company wide basic assistance but for more detailed answers they will refer you to this forum because it is a direct line to the engineers who work with the products. In the past the Customer Service rep would be in the middle of the conversation. So this forum is an attempt to make support more direct and also you can easily search the posts to get answers any time of the day.

Dave T