Подключение микрофона с ADAU1977

Connection of Microphone with ADAU1977

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Hello, ADI Support Team

I have a question about a connection of between Microphone and ADAU1977.

I can see a reference connection in Figure 21 of the datasheet.
And also, I find the following discription on Page 23 of the datasheet.
The diagnostics are provided only when MICBIAS is enabled and the microphone is connected as recommended in the appropriate application circuit (see Figure 21).

Question 1:

Must it follow the connection of Figure 21 for Diagnostic functions?
If it does not follow the Figure 21, doesn't Diagnostic function work?

Question 2:

If the diagnostic functions is not needed, is it OK as the following connection from the device viewpoint?
For some reason, I want to do reverse connection + and - between Mic and ADAU1977.

Best regards, TomY

guest replied
3 Years

Hi, Rajeev

Thank you for your answer.

I became clear now.

Best regards, TomY

guest replied
3 Years

Hi TomY,

Q1. For diagnostics to work correctly the input connections must be as in datasheet.

Q2. If diagnostics is not needed then the your connection method should work as an audio ADC. It seems you are trying to change the signal phase by 180 deg. If you are using the DSP following the ADC then DSP can flip the phase in digital domain then you would not need to flip the input connections.