Адау 1701 Bass и регулятор громкости с внешним потенциометром

ADAU 1701 Bass and Master Volume Control with External Potentiometer

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Hello Everyone,

I would be much grateful if someone can help me in programming adau1701. I am a beginner in dsp programming and trying my best to learn various functions available in sigmastudio. 

To give some background, I want to add dsp functionality to my 2 way bookshelf speakers. I am working with a Freedsp board which employs the adau1701 dsp processor. Currently, I have implemented a 2 way crossover in sigmastudio. The crossover is LR4 @ 2500 Hz.

I want to implement bass control and volume control functions as present in commercially available 2 way bookshelf speakers. How can I control bass and master volume with external Potentiometers? 


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