Установка ADV7511W I2S более 2-х каналов

ADV7511W I2S setup for more than 2 channels

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Hello everyone,

I have succeeded to regenerate 1 I2S line (2 channels) at sinks side, however issues happen when I want to regenerate more than 2 channels. 

From ADV7511W Programming Guide (chapter about I2S):

The number of channels can be selected in register 0x73[2:0]. Which I2S channels are active can be selected in register 0x0C[5:2]. If all eight channels (I2S0 – I2S3) are required, setting all bits in registers 0x73[2:0] and 0x0C[5:2] to 1 will select eight channels.

This is completely followed for 8 channels. However, I am still getting only 2 channels at sinks side.

Is there anything else that needs to be done to regenerate audio channels appropriately?

From following sentence in the Guide:

The I2S Sampling Frequency (0x15[7:4]) must be set appropriately. This value is used along with the VIC to determine pixel repeat (see 4.3.4) and sent across the TMDS link in the channel status information contained in the Audio Sample Packet.

This has been followed for 44.1kHz 8 channels stream. Sample rate is regenerated successfully, but still only 2 channels.

Generally, any sample rate (from 32k to 192k) is successfully regenerated. No problems with sample rate.

I would be grateful for any help or advice.

Thanks in advance,

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I have figured it out.

Later in PG (chapter 4.4.4 about AudioInfoFrame) there is:

The number of channels in the Channel Count register must match the number of channels in the Speaker Mapping register.
Basically, I just wrote 0x0F to Speaker Mapping Register (0x76) and was able to regenerate all 8 channels at sinks side. Best regards,