OPAMP для микрофона

OPAMP for microphone

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We are interested in MEMS microphone and looking for low noise amplifier as preamplifier used in it.


I search Analog Devices’ low noise amp. , however, which one is proper specification for our applications.


I have some questions about it.


  • In general, how much the amp gain is used for MEMS microphone?
  • We want input voltage of amp is -70~-60 dBV (0.3mV ~ 1mV) and output voltage is -40~-30 dBV (10mV~31mV). which one is meet our wanted specifications.
  • If amp that meet the Question 2 is exist, please give me quotation.
  • Minimum input voltage (output of mic) for operating the amp
  • If you don’t mind, please answer our questions.