ADSP-21584 SPORT Tx / Rx OverFlow & амп; Underflow

ADSP-21584 SPORT Tx/Rx OverFlow & UnderFlow

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Hi Dear ANALOG engineer:

  I have some problems when I use SPORT in ADSP-21584, I configured SPORT as TDM8 in DMA Mode, the bitclock is 12.288MHz, Fs is 48KHz. But the Tx or Rx OverFlow/UnderFlow Error occurs in several minutes. I called adi_sport_SubmitBuffer in SPORT DMA irq. What should I do to solve the promblen? why __ADSP215xx__ do not  support adi_pdma_PeripheralCircRead and adi_pdma_PeripheralCircWrite in CCES's driver API???