ЦАП 1860N-Т

DAC 1860N-T

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Hello anybody experimenting DAC's from the old school.

I have several machines running on PCM DAC's from AD  .

Some use AD1860N-T,  so not the usual -J, or -K.

For instance Sony CDP-2700.

Does anyone have technical information about the AD1860N-T  ?

What is the difference between those DAC's and which are interchangable ?

Thans you all for your cooperation.

Audio Consultants from Holland,  Hans Splinter.

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I looked at our records for the audio group and did not even find this part listed. So it is quite old. I did do a search on our web site and there are some hits but it only pulls up other obsolete parts. It may give you more information. So do a search for AD1860 and you will see some PDFs come up.

Dave T