SSM2380: порог защиты от сверхтоков

SSM2380 : threshold of overcurrent protection

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Hello ,

I have a question from our customer about SSM2380.

In the datasheet, it is written about protection function in page of 14 as folloings.

    - Automatic level control (ALC) for high quality speaker protection   - - - (1)

    - The SSM2380 also offers protection circuits for overcurrent and overtemperature protection. - - - (2)

I wish to ask some points about this.

Q1. Does ALC prevent over voltage output to speaker ?  or prevent over power output ?

Q2. I think that the ALC is not same as "overcurrent protection" of (2). Is it true ?

Q3. Which block, of  SSM2380, Is protected by the "overcurrent protection" circuit ?

Q4. What is the limitation voltage( or power) of the ALC ?

Q5. What value of the threshold of "overcurrent protection" circuit ?

Could you please answer for above questions ?

Best regards,