Мастер управления порта И.О. спускового компонента при загрузке adau1452

Master control port io trigger component at boot adau1452

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Please help me to implement the event in the Studio project, so that when loading the adau1452 chip the triggering event associated with the Master control port io trigger component occurred
and the configuration file loaded into this component (xml) was sent over the i2c bus into the external DAC chip to configure them at start.

Specific question: how to link the Master control port io trigger component what would he practiced sending data at the start of the chip adau1452 ?

or i can use this component to realize my task?

Master Control Port Boot time I/O

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<ROM IC=ADAU1452" IC_Address="118" Address_byte_length="1">

here i mus write my adau1452 adress?

needed register address in my dac is 0, data to send is "86"
device (dac) addres is 32

is it  correct settings in sigma component window and xml file?

guest replied
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Okay! try it, and can you help me to write correct XML file

i need send to external dac config data, i write next file:

<?xml version=1.0" standalone="no"?>
<ROM IC="ADAU1452" IC_Address="118" Address_byte_length="1">
<page modetype="Mode 0">
<action instr="writeXbytes" len="3" addr="0" ParamName="Reg1" DspName="IC 1">86</action>

but it doesnt work

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Hello Nabiullin,

If I am reading your post correctly, You are asking how to send the commands to an external DAC when the DSP boots up instead of when it is triggered by an event?

To do that you use the Startup Boot for the Master Control Port. Here is where you find it: